Dottie’s Thanksgiving Pickle

Against her mother-in-law’s wishes and her husband’s preference, Dottie, a woman with questionable cooking talent, determines to take on Thanksgiving dinner. View Production Stills from this short film.

Sonnet 44 – Unisphere

This short was created as part of New York Shakespeare Exchange’s year long Sonnet Project.  They have commissioned a short film to be made for each of the 154 Sonnets…. Continue

Twenty Summers

Working with Josh Prager and Twenty Summers, we brought back to life a hundred-year-old barn that was at the epicenter of the American Modern Art Movement in Provincetown, Ma.  In… Continue

The Poets

A sensual poetess who lacks healthy boundaries upsets the apple cart of an uptight, repressed poet as he shares a poem about his baton-pointing grandmother. Please email to receive… Continue

Chasing Taste Premiere!

    My feature film directorial debut, will premiere on Friday, May 16, 7pm as part of VISIONFEST 14.  Tickets are available here. Chasing Taste tells the story of a failed… Continue

Pepsi, Blake Shelton, PVP, and CMA

As Creative Producer, Co-Director and Writer of this viral video for Pepsi I got to work with some great talent and one of my favorite production teams, Suite Spot, in… Continue

The One That I Want

A musical comedy recalling the exploits of a mad scientist looking for his perfect mate. Made as part of The RIPFEST Collaborative Film Project.

AJ Jacobs at TEDActive

As video director at TEDActive 2014 I had the absolute pleasure to call cameras during AJ Jacobs‘ talk.  His talk just went live on and it looks great.  He’s… Continue

The Combat Jack Show

As Creative Producer for The Combat Jack Show’s first season on Complex TV, I got a serious Hip-Hop education courtesy of Combat Jack, Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, DJ Ben-Ha-Meen and… Continue

Combat Jack at TEDxGowanus

This is one of my favorite talks to come out of TEDxGowanus Living inside and outside of the hip hop revolution: Reggie Ossé (aka Combat Jack) at TEDxGowanus Reggie Ossé… Continue